Thursday, 11 September 2014

Girl Meets Boys- The Story

So to get The Wedding List rolling I'm going to start on a rambling journey of the beginning of my happy ending.

Meet Me. Bec.

Meet Him. Dan.

Our Story

So I met Dan when I was in school. I was in year 10 and he was in year 12 in Sixth Form. Now this meeting was completely unplanned as really I only met him as my friend at the time was madly in love with his best friend, and the more she loved him the more I saw of Dan. We became great friends and hung out lots and he became the best friend and yep, he was officially "friend zoned". People would always say we'd be great together, my response "He's like my brother!" So when you think of all that, how have we ended up engaged and planning a wedding?

So we went on being friends for a number of years, 8 to be precise. Lots had changed in our lives since we'd met, I'd been to Uni, he'd had a baby and we'd always supported each other through everything, as that's what best friends do right?

Then when things changed again and we both ended up single and alone we made a pact, that if we were both still single and unhappy in love by the time I was 30 we'd get together. At the time I laughed, it was funny to think of Dan and I together, we were best friends, it'd be just weird.

But the more I thought about it and the longer time went on I could never not compare people I liked, dated or met to Dan. No one would ever be as funny, as charming, as chivalrous, as kind or just fun to be around.

Then at just as we were walking back from our local firework display in 2012 something in me clicked and suddenly I knew (and yes it is what you're thinking and yes it was staring me in the face for years), Dan was the one I needed to be with. If no one could compare to him then him was who I wanted to be with. We shared our first kiss that night and the rest is history.

We've been on lovely holidays, have had great times together, have bought our own house, renovated it from top to bottom after gutting it completely, and now after a great family holiday in Dawlish Devon in September 2014 we're engaged!

So that's an introduction to my love story and us! So now let The Wedding List begin.

Here's to a life of fun, adventures and of course… Our Wedding!